After a dinner with my friend Jean Paoli in Paris monday night, I drove to attend XTech 2005 in Amsterdam. But just before that dinner with Jean, I took a coffee in a bar Place de la Bastille in Paris. Then a man, in tie and jacket, sat next table. A bald man I know very well. The guy is a crook and a bastard. He use to work for Bidermann, a company involved in one of the biggest corporate scandals here in France, the ELF scandal. The guy should be in jail for the following charges (in french, I don't know the exact equivalences in english): fraude fiscale, recel d'abus de biens sociaux, travail illégal, chantage, infractions à la loi de 48 sur le logement, changement illégal de logements en bureaux, blanchiment d'argent, etc. I know precisely why and how, the guy used to work one floor below my parents' flat. I refrained from telling him "You're mister S. and you should be in jail, with Le Floch and Sirven".

I am now in Amsterdam, with a large part of Mozilla Foundation folks. Time to go back to the meeting room.