Jean Paoli's keynote speech at was very interesting. Jean has always been a good - but nervous - speaker. He said at least two very important things during his talk:

  1. he thinks that in 2010 75% of the new created documents will be XML-based. That is really a lot. And it's highly plausible. Now you should remember Jean is "Senior Director of XML Architecture" at Microsoft. Please also remember that the current Microsoft Internet browser is not able to render XML+CSS... Given how important XML as a pivot format seems to be for Microsoft, I think we can expect a (if not the) future version of IE to be finally XML-compliant. Hey, Microsoft needs a browser to render those future millions of documents, and I don't think Firefox is their choice, right?-)
  2. binary XML is not desirable. Thank you so much Jean for saying this.

I forgot to mention something about XAML: XAML seems to lack a major feature from XUL. No overlays. That's a major hole in XAML...

I left Amsterdam right after the end of Jean's talk, and ten minutes later, I was in the middle of a nightmare. The highway between Amsterdam and Utrecht was packed with thousands of cars, and it took me an hour to drive 10 kilometers. Right, TEN KILOMETERS IN AN HOUR. I left at first exit, but I had no road map of the Netherlands with me, so I tried to always leave the sun on my right hand-side. I finally arrived in Utrecht and avoided its ring to find an empty highway at its south. Empty? Well, empty during ten minutes again! That one was even more blocked than the first one. So I turned left towards Nijmegen and right towards 's Hertogenbosh. Bam, yet another major traffic jam, right before an exit that almost nobody was taking. It really seems the Dutch almost never leave the highway when facing a traffic jam. But I am a parisian, used to try new roads in case of traffic. So I took that exit, and played my little I-am-an-explorer-using-the-sun game again and I found a road I already took on my way from Paris to Amsterdam, through a very small place called Babyloniënbroek, and finally arrived at the north of Breda. Empty highway. I turned on the cruise control and headed south towards Antwerp, Gent, Lille and Paris. The whole trip took me almost 7:40 hours instead of a normal 5 (I am never going over the speed limits), and I promise I will never drive again in the Netherlands if I don't have to. Going from Amsterdam to Breda took me an amazing 3:10 hours for 95 kilometers!!! I wonder what the country looks like for instance the first day of summer vacations, when everyone there is heading south. Must be hell.

By the way, I forgot to mention I finally met in person Jelks Cabaniss. Jelks and I are in touch by email since ages, and it was a big surprise - and a real pleasure - to discover someone saying "hello Daniel, I'm Jelks"... XTech2005 was definitely an excellent conference, the new important meeting place of the browser's world. I sincerely hope it will remain the same in 2006.

A few photos from the conference (hover over the image to see the names):

lie+relya+quin+day beaufour ben2 berjon biezunski brendan+cbeard brendan brendan2 bryner bryner2 bryner3 cbeard conolly sicking+peterv+chase day dbaron froumentin peterv+alex+sicking+glazou+hish peterv+alex+sicking+glazou+hish peterv+alex+sicking+glazou+hish hish+peterv+alex+sicking glazou glazou2 goodgers goodgers2 google-in-SVG hish hish2 hixie hixie2 howcome howcome2 nitot+dubost+glazou nitot+dubost nitot+howcome+walsh nitot+pike nitot2 nitot3 paoli pemberton pemberton2 peterv+sicking+alex pike quin relya roc1 roc2 roc3 shaver+alex shaver smaug there_is_only_XUL vandervlist walsh