Between yesterday night and this morning, I read or heard some politicians make some comments on the french "no" vote that deserve to be quoted here:

  • Barroso (European Commission's President) : "this vote does not really matter and the 77% of Spaniards who said 'yes' should not count less than the French"
  • Barroso again : "Even if the Netherlands or the Czech Republic also vote againt the treaty, those 'small countries' should not impact the whole process"
  • Juncker (Luxembourg PM and current EU President) : "The Treaty is not dead"
  • Juncker : "We cannot renegotiate the Treaty, a hard compromise between 25 countries, and a second french vote is very unlikely."
  • Abdullah Gul (Turkish Foreign Minister) : "It's up to the French people, and whatever the outcome, it is of no concern for Turkey"

Yeah guys, come on, play your game again...