...died long ago. The proof is on the home page of Svenska Dagbladet today:

swedish model is over

The guy was diagnosed with a prostate cancer a year ago, and had to wait months and months before the hospital could accept him for surgery. To finally discover his cancer spread too much in the meantime to be operated. Sincere congratulations to the swedish hospital system, it killed that man. A few years ago, my mother-in-law had to wait months to be operated of her hand, and that resulted in a partial recovery only. I went myself to the hospital in Danderyd some years ago with a dislocated shoulder; the emergency team made me wait 3 hours, did not touch my shoulder, did not use x-rays, and only gave me a small envelop with three pills of paracetamol before sending me back home.

Note to french readers : Douste-Blabla et ses prédécesseurs nous préparent la même chose, avec un axe fort sur l'équilibre des comptes voire la rentabilité. Mais Sven Algotsson s'en tape bien de tout cela, le système l'a tué.