Excerpt from A week in Soe's life:

" Today I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth and went to school. At school I was the only boy because my friend Nikashi was absent. I felt kind of lonely because rest of my class are girls. We had Reading in the first period and we learnt about blogs. Then it was recess so I went outside and did nothing. When it was lunch I usually sit with Nikashi but he wasn't here so i sat with my UI freinds. Then we had playground time so I went outside to play I played basketball with the 7th graders. Then we had computer and we are making a homepage using a program called NVU. Then I went home and ate dinner and now I'm typing my blog. I will now take a bath then sleep. "

Then in another post, the same child writes:

" Last was Computer. We are making our own websites in a program called Nvu (pretty much like microsoft word; just more complicated). "

La vérité sort toujours de la bouche des enfants, malheureusement.