Unfortunately, it seems that all the explanations the Mozilla Foundation gave were not enough. The kind of reactions below (real comments added to this blog) are still annoying because they are based on false assertions:

  • " Im shocked, I am not happy about what MoFo will become within the next year "
  • " Big money. this is indeed a sad day for MoFo "
  • " Seems like all the good software is selling out. 2005 will be remembered as the year of the SELLOUT. If it's all about the money, then I'm back to using Maxthon/IE. As others have noted, it was good while it lasted, but some jackass always has to screw it up. "

So, in only three items because twelve items seem too much for some people:

1. What is the impact of the launch of Mozilla Corporation on the Mozilla projects ? Is there a commercial goal behind this change ?
There is absolutely no impact. It's the same people, the same goal. The code remains free, open-source and tutti quanti.
2. Will the projects be managed differently and what's the impact on the community ?
Again, nothing changes. No impact on the community, just visit #developers in irc.mozilla.org and you'll see by yourself. Nobody there is worried.
3. So why did the Foundation create a commercial subsidiary if it changes nothing ?
Because it's easier. Who wants to do complex things when simple things are possible ? Mozilla needs money to survive, like it or not. So better be organized correctly to deal with partners.

Don't be paranoid, there's no hidden plan to be master-of-the-universe. From 1998 to 2005, you trusted the Mozilla team. You can still trust them. I trust them 10000%.