I heard and read many adjectives about me in the last fifteen years, but that one was missing in the collection: "liar". The author, Guillaume Jouanno (no link with Laurent Jouanneau..), has only one excuse : he visibly tested Nvu on Mac and it's well known that Mac users complain about XUL controls not looking precisely like native Aqua controls.... More specifically, he could have said that he finds the UI non-intuitive, crappy, ugly, that he finds the application lame, and so on. I would disagree but respect his opinion.

On one hand, he says I'm "respectable" because I write free software. But on the other, I am a "liar" since I promote my software and he thinks Nvu does not deserve promotion because of its UI.

In another article on his blog, he also wonders about the difference between expensive SDSL and cheap and faster ADSL... Geez, what a question from a guy working in the IT field. Can someone please explain him the difference between "symmetric" and "asymmetric", "peak bandwidth" and "guaranteed bandwidth", between "no service guaranteed" and "4 hours repair guarantee with financial compensation beyond 4 hours down time".

So I am not commenting here about what he thinks of Nvu's UI. I am commenting about "liar". And that is an insult I cannot accept.

Anyway. Better be called a liar than a moron. And I am calling him a moron.