That guy has balls the size of watermelons (well, he hasn't any more but that's another story). Seriously:

  1. The French National Labs test six of his 1999 blood and urine samples taken during the Tour de France with a protocol that did not exist at that time, with positive results to erythropoiethine six times.
  2. a sports newspaper belonging to the group organizing the Tour publishes those results
  3. everyone, including the Tour organizers who deeply supported Armstrong in front of all past accusations, carefully studies the documents and concludes that these are not rumors or allegations but clear proven facts
  4. then on CNN Armstrong dares to say - I heard him myself - that French attacks him as a revenge against Americans they don't like (that's a well known fact, we kidnap tourist american babies, drown them into red wine, and eat them with snails, garlic and stinking cheese) and that french press is slimy.

His arguments are lame, really lame. And speaking of the local press, I guess he never reads his own local press, the one I saw last time I visited Texas...

In the "Armstrong" world, Louis and Neil are gods. Lance will be forgotten.