• changed the way the magnet works. It's more intuitive now.
  • the font panel is almost entirely implemented, I only have to finish font size
  • there's now an "expert mode" checkbox. It's much more powerful than in the original CaScadeS, you'll love it. Of course, the checkbox state is persistent across sessions.
  • I completely changed the way basic settings like font-style or text-decoration are handled.
  • CaScadeS II is much faster than the original CaScadeS.
  • It will include some very powerful web developer features.


  • it's a known bug and it's quite a major issue for CaScadeS: onfocus and onblur events are unreliable on XUL windows..
  • I still need to replace the KDE icons at the top of the extender... sigh. I'll probably buy a royalty-free icon set if I find the one I am looking for in terms of look and feel.