That's a piece of software you should take a look at. Behind Pearl Comments, you'll find Pearl Crescent, a company founded by two names well known among Netscapers : Kathleen Brade and Mark Smith. The software is available for both Mozilla Firefox and MSIE.

Pearl Comments let you easily attach and share comments on any web page. Viewing a comment highlights the portion of the page that is under discussion.  This allows a team to work together on a site without making any web site changes. To help searching and sharing within a team, comments are stored in a database. Comments can also be tracked by their status (New, In Progress, Completed, Closed). The system works on both the public Internet or behind firewalls on an intranet.

Pearl Comments works very well in an environment where one or only a few people change the web site but the content expertise comes from outsiders. Web design firms and their clients use it during the review process.  Because the comments are shared only within the team doing the work, you have the privacy needed to get your work done. Other examples of use are being described in their blog.