Apparently, the previous entry same title was quoted "hilarious" so I got a few private emails (plus IRC msgs) asking why I wrote them in french. The answer is simple: because I was tired, and really upset by the girls, too upset to naturally use english. Anyway, I just got another "crazy city experience" a few minutes ago...

I spent all day walking in SF with friends, and went back to my hotel completely exhausted. I even slept. After dinner with a mozillian friend, I tried to go back to my room and sleep again. Of course, I could not... So I went back to the lobby of the hotel to get wireless access.

  • at my right, a gay british couple with a Vaio laptop. I am really fed up with the taller guy having his eyes fixed on me...
  • at my left, three fifty years old women, dressed as if they were 25. Absolutely hilarious.
  • behind me, a group of ten people having dinner in the lobby. Wine and alcohol everywhere. The more time passes, the louder they shout. The oldest one is dressed like a clone of Paris Hilton (please note I find Hilton absolutely ugly and unattractive)
  • behind them, a group of 30 years old women, wearing their sexier clothes (pourquoi les femmes ne mettent pas de petites culottes pour aller en night-club ? réponse: vous mettez des bouchons d'oreille pour aller à un concert ?) and dragging two very tall and muscled WASP guys.
  • in front of me, the elevators. A couple just came out of them dressed as a red devil and black leather-style dominatrix (no kidding, I took a photo but I don't have my pcmcia card reader with me here, will update later). The hotel concierge confirmed they're here for the Exotic Erotic Ball.
  • at the bar, two girls stuffed with silicone. The volume of their breast exceeds greatly the volume of their brains.

To come back to the most important subject of the topic, sexstandards, I think that my previous call for a new CSS revolution still stands. That my previous opinions about the standardization bodies active in our markup/web world are facing obsolescence. One fact confirms that: the BIG success of XTech and anything related to CURRENT browsers and the Web AS WE KNOW IT TODAY. People don't get mad at the Semantic Web, but <canvas> and SVG may change their online experience. They don't care about XSL-FO but love CSS columns...

Among the drinkers behind me, one man, the one dragging the prettiest and sexiest woman, starts being really stoned... He is mimicking Travolta in Saturday Night Fever while the waitress brings yet another bottle of red wine. His girlfriend looks at me, her eyes meaning "not my fault, sorry".

The whole discussion about standards above brings in another one: what's a standardization body? Who should handle the standardization of a given technology and should they do it forever. The more I see it, the more my anser is no. Opening a parenthesis, the woman (a tall 35 years-old asian) now sitting right in front of me has a neckline plunging down to the belly button, and a siliconed breast so _enormous_ that the fifity years-old women stopped drinking. Me too. It's not human. Brrrrr.. End of parenthesis. (note to self: must thank Tantek for recommending this hotel :-)

In fact, I think the existence of the WHAT-WG is probably a question of survival for the Web as we know it. I am thankful to Google for offering Ian Hickson a job so he can continue working on it. In terms of future of the web, I think the next steps are the following ones:

  • post-CSS3 work done in the WHAT-WG. After all, it's not XML, it's not XPath, it's not XSL, and I don't see the - BWAHAHAH FIFTEEN GIRLS out of the elevators and dressed for the exotic erotic ball. One has a playgirl top, rabbit ears and Star Wars Imperial Clone's trousers BWAHAHAH I LOVE THIS HOTEL - W3C complain too much if CSS leaves the W3C
  • get work done, with less fanatism and more pragmatism. Faster.
  • and possibly, and only possibly, go back to W3C. I'm not even sure that's feasible or desirable.

It must be said here that CSS is certainly not the only spec needing extra work to "lead the web to its full potential". Schemas (don't read XML Schemas please...) like Relax NG and DTDs are far from enough to meet industry's needs. And nobody's working on it. Extensibility (remember the meaning of X in XML?) is a joke, and nobody has never really worked on it. Extensibility is also an issue in CSS, one that we almost never adressed. We start needing a successor for CSS, preserving its simplicity.

I'm leaving SF tomorrow, back to ol'Europe. See you there.

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