Let's say this is follow-up to my first message about Flock a while ago (note to self: remember, dell laptop keyboard and beer don't live well together...). I received, like many others, Flock's wake-up call last week. I did not test it as soon as I got the message for two reasons : first, I was in SF, busy; second, too many people wrote about it that week, and the buzz was so _web_bubble_2_0_ that I certainly did not want to be a part of it.

So I tested Flock. Quite a bit I must say. I am not going to detail the whole thing here, this is pointless. Remember, this is a very early preview version and nothing, in particular the UI, is stable.

But the overall feeling is here : I don't see the point. Ok, having a cool well-integrated blogging extension is nice, but I certainly won't drop Firefox only for that. Flickr, delicious and other services? Bah. I could live without it before, I certainly can live without after. The shelf? Well... Well. Yahoo as default search engine? Hum. The rest? Bah.

The editor used in Flock? Cool, that makes me happy! Seriously. But I wonder what you did to hit such a bug : enter some text in the wysiwyg textarea of the blog editor, select all with ctrl-a, launch composer or Nvu, paste... I see an incorrect /> pasted after the clipboard's contents. Or if I create a list, a CR at the end of a list item does not create a new list item!!! How the hell did you do that since this is builtin in nsHTMLEditor? I suspect you are trapping keyboard events so keypresses don't hit nsHTMLEditor, and I have NOT taken a look at the code. If I am proven right, that's bad, very bad design. If nsHTMLEditor is so far away from your expectations that you have to override |nsHTMLEditor::KeyPress()|, then you really need the plaintext editor, not the HTML one.

So, sorry Bart, but I'm not impressed at all. I am even concerned, like many others, about your business model. It's not a technologist's bizmodel, and I am not sure Flock - as it is today - brings really new value and a radically enhanced browsing experience. Furthermore, Firefox extensions are not compatible with Flock, and that is such a pity that I don't understand how anyone can accept it.

Prove me wrong, please...