Firefox, Thunderbird and Nvu renamed and sold on shelves by Michael Robertson, Linspire's founder ahd chairman. See the video. And I learned about it from the press :-/

Update: following this post, I received a few private messages about CompareSoft. Replies to your questions:

  • no, seriously, I did not know about it, was not involved in it, and learned it from the press release like everyone else
  • well, of course no, I don't really appreciate learning about it from the press release...
  • no, I don't think this is a good idea because there is almost no added value compared to downloading the files. Where are the hotline, support, and the kind of thngs you expect when you buy software on a shelf. What's the added value compared to buying the first computer magazine with a DVD inside, that DVD offering all CompareWeb software in original versions ?
  • Yes, it's a bad idea to rename the software, from all perspectives. Well, probably not for the contractor (MozDev Group ?) who did the UI changes.
  • yes, I can understand why MR does that : a lot of people still can't (or don't know how to) download hundreds of megs so they still rely on shelf boxes; it's worth trying. It's also, as usual with Michael Robertson - a marketing thing.
  • No, there are no license problems - yet. The products are not yet available apparently, and the sources will probably appear when the they become available.
  • Why I haven't done it myself ? Because first I don't think it's worth trying in or from Europe. Second, that's not the future I envision for Nvu.