Ooooh, this post is my best Thanksgiving's present for David Hyatt, who told me he laughed 20 minutes reading the summary of former Shelby Moore's postings into

Shelby Moore, the best engineer of his generation, son of the best Exxon manager of his generation, brother of the most intelligent woman in the US, able to run 2 miles in 10 minute 12 second, killing IQ testers just looking at them with his sharp eyes, sunbathing in Corpus Christi every day after coding, the man who invented XML Orthogonality, yeah, THAT MAN IS BACK !!! Ô, Human Kind, REJOICE !!!!

As Hixie said, and because his first new post is a true piece of art, FEAR THE RETURN OF THE AXIOMATIC PROOF (music background: Star Wars, the dark side)!