Shelby Moore wrote:

> Which caused XBL creator Daniel Glazman (and his XBL cohort Ian Hickson in
> self-righteous list posts and underhanded slander post on his website) to
> attack me personally:

[ Note to Lachlan : this will be my last mail to Shelby Moore, whatever he ]
[ replies. If he promises to stop mailing every other minute, I don't.     ]

We did not "attack" you. We replied to a FLOOD of messages widely
impossible to understand. Then you replied, just like this time, with personal
insults sent by private emails. I call that childish, offending and stupid.

Lachlan, I recommend you read the URL below, and make yourself an opinion. It's
a collection of quotes directly extracted from Mr Moore's messages. Worth a
good laugh...

> Note to mention how Ian Hickson dragged me into ad nauseum debate on every

NO!!!! Ian disputed all your arguments on a technical basis. If you're unable
to stand comments and criticism - and that's what we all understood - you have
nothing to do in www-style. Incidently, I have to say, IETF and OASIS people
have the same opinion about you. You're WELL KNOWN as the biggest troller ever
in web standardization bodies.

> little tidbit, then Daniel accused me of over posting (see "130" post

Absolutely. That was totally impossible to handle. And David Baron just told
you the same in www-style about your recent flood.

> No I did not start it.  See above.  I just made sure this time "a strong
> offense is a good defense".  This time I ended it BEFORE it started. Clever!  :) 

Not clever, but really stupid. This time, you have shown everyone how rough
and vulgar you are, despite of raising interesting technical subjects.
We have nothing to do with someone starting a thread with personal insults
and joking about someone's name (that was really really L-A-M-E).

> Is "Hixie" Ian Hickson?  Yes I dislike Daniel and Ian because they
> attacked me personally 3 years ago.  Dogs are loyal to their masters.  I

UURRRRGHHHH... Calling Ian and I "dogs" is not the best way to cool me down.

> hope you don't think of yourself as their guard dog.  You are free to form
> your own independent, intelligient, non-biased opinion of me, if you want
> to.  If you choose to lump yourself with them, then I guess you choose to
> fight.  If ever Daniel and Ian will apologize, then of course I am very

Shelby, I am going to state it very clearly here : go to hell. Please remove
my email address from your address book and forget about me. Because if you
don't, I am going to make so much noise about you that all mailing-lists in
and forums in the world will only have to google your name to know who you
are and how you act, LONG before they discover about your company or products.
Don't underestimate me, that would be a terrible mistake.

> I do note that the Mozilla crowd is easy offended when anyone writes
> on-list publicly about the practical issue of marketshare.  As I told
> Daniel in past, I tried to help Mozilla (via contributions to bugs and

And we have checked bugzilla. Your contributions were very light, to say the
least... A summary:

bug 21762: "Bottom line is that everyone I know is giving up on Netscape.
            Open source is a failed concept."
bug 39138: closed WORKFORME
bug 39142: closed INVALID "you run the risk of making your product very
           incompatible with the real web"
bug 98617: closed INVALID, and Boris replied to your insults in the bug with
           "I understand that you're frustrated.  That's no reason to insult
           the hard work of hundreds of people."
bug 98621: closed DUPLICATE of an INVALID bug...
bug 98627: closed DUPLICATE of a META bug about DHTML performance by Fabian who
           wrote "this bug doesn't demonstrate a specific problem."
bug 98971: this is a standing RFE and you never submitted a patch
bug 144340: closed INVALID where you said "Just to let you know that we
            have grown tired of tracking you guys.  It simply isn't productive
            any more. This is your last chance."

And that's all. You never submitted a patch, almost always added offending
comments to your messages.

> The end of browser is very near any way.

BWAHAHAHA ! This is so ridiculous. Oh gawd, so ridiculous.

> Remember we had a chance to pre-empt this 3 years ago, when I posted.  But

Damn, we missed the train. The apocalypse is coming and we missed it. Oh
fortunately, the World is safe, we have Shelby Moore.

> That is why I started the thread "Future of CSS in Semantic Web?", because

Again, forget about me and leave my mailbox alone. Last warning.