<glazou> ok, I have in hands a complete solution for contenteditable in firefox
<smaug> glazou: oohh :)
<glazou> a bit of c++
<glazou> and the rest is an XPI
<glazou> so if you don't want contenteditable, well don't install it :-)
<glazou> of course, we can move the code from the extension to the core browser so everyone has it
<doron> glazou: how big is the code?
<glazou> doron: enormous
<glazou> roughly 13 lines of C++
<glazou> and two pages of js
<glazou> plus a dash of css
<NeilAway> glazou: I was sold 10 lines ago :-)
<doron> check ... it ... in
<glazou> doron: workin' ... on .... it
<doron> good ... to ... hear
<glazou> that requires a new argument for designmode
<glazou> but that's not a problem
<glazou> we'll use it only internally
<NeilAway> it's not an interface change then?
<doron> nice
<glazou> there is only 1 interface change
<glazou> a new mask in nsPlaintextEditor