• weight !!!
  • speed, power
  • superb 13"3 screen
  • silent and amazingly fast and big disk ; suspend to disk my 1Gig of ram is incredibly fast, I love it
  • keyboard is excellent, as always with Sony laptops
  • incredible quality of the builtin video camera ; Wengo people could not believe their eyes when they saw an unoptimized still image or video stream coming from that microcam...
  • as always with Sony, a real hardware switch to turn wifi on/off
  • for the 1st time in my life, a fingerprint reader that REALLY works and always recognizes me... To be compare with HP and IBM fingerprint readers...
  • of course, can boot from an external USB disk
  • price...
  • complexity of the power management, despite of its power
  • power adapter using a quite uncommon socket on laptop side
  • crazy price of the 7hrs battery
  • WinXP not on a CD but on a partition you can save on 2 single-layer DVDs or one dual-layer DVD
  • Phenix BIOS far too simple

Overall, it's an excellent choice. I am very happy with this laptop, and I think Dell lost me as a customer.