Kompozer is a fork of Nvu 1.0, fantasai and Jean-Charles Moriaud have mailed me about. Bug fixes here and there, little UI changes. So here's a little clarification:

  • no, Kompozer's lead never let me know about it. I just found a post in nvu forums hosted by geckozone he did but he never had the politeness to let me know about it. Since I am busy and rarely dive into fora - whatever the forum - I was not aware of Kompozer. But the guy is not far away, here in France, and we speak the same language. How hard, and well, sorry to say, how lame.
  • No, I don't think the guy contacted the copyright holder, Linspire Inc., either and that's quite unpolite too even if he has the full right granted by the license to do what he did.
  • no, I don't really appreciate when he calls Nvu bugs "glazbugs". I take that as an insult.
  • yes, his work is a good idea, but no, I don't think this is going to be a very useful mid- to long-term investment since the nvu 1.0 codebase is scheduled to die and be replaced by a xulrunner-based application anyway. It's gecko1.7-based and that's too old.
  • yes, I am working on that new app

Open-source and "free" licenses are not a known excuse for tactlessness.