Mozilla Composer features

The list is almost ready, and the roadmap is in the pipe.

For those who did not get the message :Nvu 1.0 is - for me - a dead end. Just like Seamonkey was left to the community, I am glad to leave Nvu 1.0 codebase to Kazé who started integrating bug fixes but I remind him that Nvu is a trademark by Linspire Inc. That's good he used a new name, Kompozer, for his fork. I just cannot work on Nvu 1.0 and Mozilla Composer, its xulrunner-based successor at the same time.

Furthermore, for Mozilla Composer, I need SVG. I need CSS columns. I need xulrunner. I need stuff that don't exist in the old gecko-1.7 codebase.

Mozilla Composer won't be just a xulrunner- and gecko1.8-based revamping of Nvu 1.0, it will be something totally new, entirely rewritten, and the feature list will make Nvu look like a prehistoric web editor, which it is ;-)

Note: posts on this blog about Mozilla Composer will remain in the "nvu" category.


1. On Sunday 17 September 2006, 12:05 by Curious

So will this new Mozilla Composer be available in extension form for Firefox?

2. On Monday 25 September 2006, 12:41 by Ronald Donaghe

Por favor, please let us know WHEN this new improved better than NVU Mozilla xlrunner composer will be downloadable. Maybe to you NVU is prehistoric and being geko based it's old hat, but I for one need something as intuitive and easy to use as NVU (of course without all the bugs). My alternative at the moment is Dreamweaver, or even Netscape composer, which is stable.