bugs closed
  • none
work in progress
  • 355663 Notification system for Composer extensions and sidebars
  • 356023 JS helpers for Composer
  • tabs now show when a document is modified (red floppy icon)
  • notifiers declared on startup and remove on shutdown
  • cleanup in startup process
  • finally get rid of about:blank for default blank document !!!! Yay !!!
  • need to check in 355663 and 356023 before anything else; 356023 is very likely to break Composer, that's normal.
  • WANTED ! I need more peer reviewers for Composer... I just cannot put everything on Neil's and timeless's shoulders, that's impossible. If you have spare cycles and are willing to help reviewing XUL, JS, XBL and CSS, please add a comment to this post with your bugmail address so I can send you requests. Thanks!