Take a look at http://www.aigars.co.uk/ (no link, that's on purpose). It looks very professionnal. The prices are incredible. So incredible that you balance between two options : "too good to be true" and "but they look very pro...". The price of a Canon EOS 5D for instance. Amazing isn't it ? Everything looks fine... Wait, no Digital Rebel XTi (aka 400d) ? And look at the reviews : people write about $3,000++ prices. Hum. So let's gather more information about it.

  1. nobody seems to have ever shopped through them and have written a review of their online service
  2. a Norwegian has published two very interesting and detailed studies about it

That's quite an elaborated plot. It's very well done, and scammers have invested a lot of time and energy in this web site, in these web sites. It differs a lot from the other sorts of mail- or web-based plots I have seen in the last let's say 3 years. It's impressive. Dangerous and impressive. And I wonder if any kind of protection against that is possible. This seems to me much more dangerous than other forms of scam.