A tree hiding the forest

So Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death... In France, his two best friends Jacques C. and Jean-Pierre C. made no comments. Of course, I am no supporter of the death penalty. But the death penalty and the fate of Hussein is not the subject of this post. I just wanted to say that if the White House commented so loudly on this death sentence, it's probably because it gives an image of a country where Justice really exists, and where you face a trial if you're a criminal. The truth is of course completely different, and Iraq is now a synonym for chaos. The US army controls the country less and less every day, its soldiers are attacked more and more every day, and Iraqis die just like tree leaves in automn.

Saddam Hussein's trial is a parody of justice. Not because of the trial itself, the way it was handled or its result, but because it's a nice green tree hiding the dying black forest, because saying this trial was successful is one more dishonoring step in the propaganda trying to persuade us the war in Iraq was a good thing.