I got involved in markup languages, the Internet and the Web so long ago that I have this feeling I spent my whole life working on that topic... I have thanked many people for that. Yesterday afternoon, I had an online chat with a good friend of mine (yep, you!) about the future, what we will look like and do in ten years from now. We agreed on one point, Mozilla became a focal point of our life. Mozilla is the reason why I can eat today and give my family a good and wealthy life, the reason why I wake up every morning with the will to go to work because I'm doing cool, funny and innovative stuff, the reason why I don't count my hours behind this bloody computer screen and the reason why I don't see the hours pass anyway ! So just for that :

  • thanks Pierre Saslawsky
  • thanks Beth Epperson
  • thanks Netscape, Mozilla and all the mozillians