Given the importance of the subject, given the fact the proposed charter for the "new" HTML WG is under discussion until the 7th of january, I have decided to make my official comments as a W3C member on that proposed charter public. You can read them here.

Important disclaimer : as I said in the comments, I do trust the individual Chris Wilson. I met Chris ages ago, we worked together many times, I respect him a lot, and I think as an individual he's an excellent choice - if not the best choice - for this WG chair. Unfortunately, after all these years in the W3C I also know very well the Consortium is not only a cool place where friendly geeks meet and co-edit documents, where cool people dedicated to the quality and future of the Web give their time, neurones and energy... More important, it's a battlefield, it's THE battlefield of the Web. Companies join the Consortium to promote their competitive advantage(s), and be the first one, the only one. Because of that, and trust me this is NOT primary anti-microsoftism, I just cannot understand how and why the chair of the HTML WG is given to a major desktop browser vendor, Microsoft in this case. Microsoft, Opera, Mozilla and Apple should be banned from the chair of this new HTML WG to preserve its full independence or an independent co-chair should be added for that purpose.