"HTML in email" W3C mailing-list

The W3C has just launched the new mailing list public-html-mail about rich content emails, aka HTML in email. This mailing-list is public, and subscription is open to anyone. The topic line for that mailing-list is

" Discussion of HTML and email - authoring, security, and rendering. "

So if you're interested in rich content email, if you're a Mail User Agent implementor, if you're a marketer used to communicate with your prospects and customers through HTML email, if your organization has concerns - for instance security concerns - about HTML email, this mailing-list is for you, and your presence will help us determine the kind of future we could give to HTML in email.

BTW, we're also seriously considering a face-to-face workshop on the same topic.

Important warning : this mailing-list is NOT for rants à la "html email is ugly, only text/plain rox". If that's the sole contribution you're willing to make there, please don't and find another landing spot, thank you.