Following my recent post on XTech 2007 prices, Edd Dumbill sent me a private email and told me the contents are public. So here is his take about the conference fees :

Hi Daniel, 

The price you have there for a gold pass in 2006 is wrong, it was
$1,445 last year. You have $1,145.

$1 = EUR 0.76 -- Gold pass is 0.76 * $1,690 =  EUR 1284

One year ago
$1 = EUR 0.83 -- Gold pass is 0.83 * $1,445 = EUR 1200

So yes, you are right, the price has not gone the right way at all,
though it's not quite as bleak as your tables paint it.

The organizers IDEAlliance are a US organization, and therefore have
to foot the cost in dollars. All the costs on the ground are in
Euros. So, in Euro terms things are a lot more comparable with last

I did indeed lobby the organizers to reduce the price, but for
various reasons this has not been possible. All of these reasons are
outside my control. Moving the venue to Paris has proved more
expensive than they expected, I think.

All that said, given the excellent line-up again this year, I think
the conference registration still represents good value. I've never
known anybody go away from XTech disappointed with the content.


-- Edd

My answer to that : everybody felt the prices were too high last year. So that's right, that's NOT the right direction at all. Furthermore, even if IDEAlliance is a US organization, the prices have increased A LOT for american attendees.

Note: yeah, the $1145 instead of $1445 is a typo, sorry for that.