Fuller Screen v0.96

Guys, FullerScreen v0.96 is out and available as always from Disruptive Innovations. You can also update from the Extensions Panel if you installed it from us, but you'll have to wait a bit if it came from addons.mozilla.org. Changelog :

  • FIXED flickering when the mouse pointer hovers over the bottom of the screen
  • FIXED the statusbar could disappear from normal mode if the mouse was hovering over a link just before leaving FullScreen mode
  • NEW three preferences added. No UI for the time being (that's on the TODO list), please use about:config.
    • browser.fullerscreen.statusbarTimeout : (integer) delay in microseconds between appearance and disappearance of the statusbar when the mouse pointer hovers over a link Default is 4000, so four seconds.
    • browser.fullerscreen.edgeCollisionThreshold : (integer) threshold in pixels for top and bottom edge detection. Default is 10.
    • browser.fullerscreen.incompatibleMIMETypes : (string) comma-separated list of MIME types that should not trigger FullerScreen mode but only usual FullScreen mode. Default is "application/x-shockwave-flash,application/pdf"
  • NEW comments in the source code (not totally done)
  • NEW clickable icon with popup menu in the status bar to toggle FullScreen mode on and off w/o using the keyboard
  • NEW another menu item added to that menu allows to hide/show the vertical scrollbar in order to simulate an even better projection mode ; this is done on a per-document basis.
  • NEW fr-FR localization