v0.98 is almost ready but I would like to add more localizations to the extension. So if you are willing to contribute a localization (license is MPL), please download this preview and send me[daniel at glazman dot org] (a) the id of the locale (for instance cs-CZ) (b) your two files fs_prefs.dtd and fullerscreen.dtd saved in UTF-8. Note to Tomáš Marek : yes, I need cs-CZ again since I added a few new entities. Deadline is monday 2nd of April, 10am Paris local time. Thanks !

Already done:

en-USDaniel Glazman
fr-FRDaniel Glazman
cs-CZTomáš Marek
de-DEThorsten Fritz
es-ESPercy Caballo
es-ARJavier Vasquez
sv-SEDavid Naylor
pl-PLMarek Stępień
nl-NLPaul Berendsen
it-ITGiacomo Magnini
hu-HUTímár András