FullerScreen v0.98 is here and available as always from Disruptive Innovations. You can also update from the Extensions Panel if you installed it from us, but you'll have to wait a bit if it came from addons.mozilla.org. Changelog :

  • FIXED error in the preferences ; "microseconds" should read "milliseconds"
  • NEW it is now possible in the preferences to say if the statusbar should or nor pop up when the status label is changed
  • NEW it's now possible in the preferences to say if a given toolbar is or not persistent in FullScreen mode...
  • FIXED a toolbar could persist on screen after it was listed as non-persistent in the preferences
  • L10N cs-CZ, de-DE, en-US, es-AR, es-ES, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, nl-NL, pl-PL, sv-SE, zh-TW added; many thanks to the contributors
  • work on FullerScreen 2.0 already started, and 2.0 is going to kick ass (sorry to be a bit vulgar)...