FullerScreen v1.0a1 is here and available as always from Disruptive Innovations. You can also update from the Extensions Panel if you installed it from us, but you'll have to wait a bit if it came from addons.mozilla.org. Changelog :

  • FIXED Firefox could automatically switch to FullerScreen mode when window is maximized on Linux or on Windows if the task bar is hidden
  • NEW support for style sheets for CSS media type 'projection' added ; wherever a 'projection' style comes from (a LINK element, a STYLE element, an @media rule, an @import rule), projection styles should be enabled in FullerScreen mode and back to disabled in normal mode.
  • FIXED extension description now localized (thanks goofy)
  • this version is released with locales en-US and fr-FR only to give enough time to babelzilla localizers for 1.0
  • FIXED "pixels" string now localized
  • NEW now possible in preferences dialog to hide statusbar's FullerScreen icon