FullerScreen logoI am very happy to release today the second preview version of FullerScreen v2.0 . We're getting close to final 2.0. Changelog :

  • fixed: the semi-opaque dark background of the slide manager does not appear
  • fixed: after selecting a slide in the slide manager, using arrow keys to navigate always lead to first and last slides
  • fixed: it's now possible to specify the size of slide manager's thumbnails but this only applies after the document is reloaded
  • fixed: the slideshow mode is not turned on if a slideshow is loaded after switching to full screen mode
  • fixed: a checkbox with no label is listed in preference panel in the list of toolbars
  • test case and explanations document updated gain ; don't forget to reload it just in case it's in your cache... don't miss it, everything's in that document and it's a cool test case, take a look at the source code.