From time to time, Ian Hickson and I have a chat during a W3C meeting or during a conference, and I hear a "well, yeah, you were right". It happened in the past, I also heard it recently and I think it can partly happen again today. Almost ten years ago, during a chat with a friend in a nice pub in New York, I said CSS needed a new impulsion. A couple of years ago, I started saying that if the CSS WG does not change the way it works, the CSS is going to leave the W3C and be developed by an informal group of dedicated people. Many people heard me saying that, including in the CSS WG. We're there. Now.

Hixie and I may disagree on the symptoms, but we mostly agree on the diagnosis. I have only one wish : please please, I don't want the group standardizing CSS to become a gigantic mess like the current (new) HTML WG.