Zbigniew Braniecki aka gandalf was so impressed by FullerScreen he has published a page where he lists his wishes for the future of the extension. My comments are in the sublist items.

  • Speaker notes, a separate window/tab with notes that are not for public
    • this is very, very hard to do because it means what you have on screen is not what you see projected...
  • Timelines, timetable - ability to measure how much time it takes me to read the slide, and during the presentation present how long I speak, how much time left, how long I present the screen and how much time I have basing on the timeline from my tests (svg based time scale? ;>)
    • that is easily feasible and I'll add it to FS
  • Theme format
    • hmmm, not sure what he means here
  • UI - back/forward semi-translucent buttons in right-bottom corner visible onhover.
    • yep, no problem
  • Animations between slides (slide in/out, fade in/out)
    • yes, we need it
  • Animations for steps (slide, fade, fly in etc.)
    • yep, I want that too.
  • Localization, different translations of the presentation (I often have my slides dual-language)
    • not sure this is worth the complexity, to be honest
  • <gandalf> glazou, would you be able to predict that [slide content longer than the viewport height - st.]? like, by measuring the size of the each slide and saying that you need at least X px wide to present the slideshow without a problem?
    <stanislaw> or like ppt, which reduces the font size automatically (that might be dangerous though, trynig to help and in as a result, bothering the user by reducing what maybe they don't want reduced)
    <gandalf> I prefer the pre-talk warning
    • absolutely, and I have a few ideas to do that