FullerScreen logoI have just made a lot of changes to FullerScreen, heading towards v2.1. I have added a "joystick" to slideshows :

  • a click anywhere in a slide does not move to next slide/step any more
  • the slideshow icon in the statusbar is gone
  • the joystick now allows to move to previous or next slide/step, move back to the first slide, move to the last slide, toggle on and off the slide manager, and finally leave the fullscreen mode.
  • this last thingy, allowing to leave the fullscreen mode, will also be reachable in the normal fullscreen mode when the document is not a slideshow. This is tremendously important for instance in the case of documents containing only a flash object taking 100% of the width AND the height of the viewport. In that cas, flash capturing all mouse and keyboard events, leaving the fullscreen mode was impossible !

Just for your information, this is implemented through an XBL adding fixed positioned anonymous HTML elements.

navigation joystick