I have read with great interest John Resig's post about JQuery. I must admit I could not help but say "D'OH!" when I saw his JQuery example because the syntax seems to me totally ugly. I also think mixing that way selectors and JS is not nice, from both a practical and theoretical approach. I would a thousand times prefer something like:

div.section ul {
  add-class: sectionlist;
  hide: normal;

div.section.header h1 {
  font-size: 20pt;
  onclick: { ul.sectionlist {
               show: normal;

Basically, JQuery seems to me a successor to the pair Action Sheets + STTS. I definitely agree on JQuery's interest, but I think a CSS-based general syntax would have been much more readable, more practical, more expandable, and of course more integrable with CSS.

John, if you ever read this article and are willing to discuss this, feel free to ping me.