Tristan wrote today:

" Email is actually interoperable. Whatever the email client and the operating system one uses whether on the sender or recipient's side, an email message is decently transmitted. It's not absolutely perfect yet, but email works. I don't have to bother whether the recipient is using an email client or another, whether it's a Webmail client or a fat client, it just works. "

This is a joke I presume ? TEXT-BASED EMAIL works, but HTML-based email fails so miserably that we had to have a W3C Workshop about it and that one of the conclusions of the workshop is the total lack of interoperability not only between mail user agents of different brands, but even between versions of a MUA of the same brand !!! To give an example, older versions of Outlook are NOT interoperable with Outlook 2007 because the formers use IE's rendering engine and the latter uses Word's rendering engine.

It's so not interoperable that companies sending marketing emails restrict themselves to a common ground similar to HTML 3.2, and they all consider the feature "Send that web page" is totally unreliable.

Tristan, you and I, and 99% of the mozillians and geeks around us are NOT average email users. We all send text-based email, and we hate receiving html-based email. That's not the case for a vast majority of email users, and the near-totality of people who don't use email professionnally at all.

Repeat after me : HTML-based email is anything BUT interoperable, and you must forget about the current standards and downgrade to the early days of the Web to find an illusion of interoperability.