I would like to have an extension allowing me to create my own universe, drawing my continents, contries and islands, and place my bookmarks wherever I want on ground (or water). A googleearth-like interface would allow me to navigate into my own world of web sites. Of course, I could add real existing countries to my own world and for instance add the web site of Hossegor exactly on the city of Hossegor in the south-west of France. It does not have to be hyper-precise like google earth, it just has to be a meta-universe paradigm (it means nothing but hey, just try to say that last sentence during your next party with friends and let me know people's reaction :-)).

Of course, friends could let me have access to their own universe of bookmarks and I would be able to navigate from one universe to another one.

Ok, ok, no more beers, let's go back to real life (and web).