Common problem we all experienced at least once : I have visited a web site yesterday morning where I read something interesting ; I can't remember the name of the web site or the title of the page. The only thing I remember is the time, I discovered that page right before going to lunch, so around noon.

This problem just happened to me. At this time, it's plain impossible to find such a page in Firefox history if your browsing history is long. The sort options are not enough. At this time, you can sort

  1. by date and site
  2. by site (bad name, that's really by page title)
  3. by date and page title
  4. page title by most visited decreasing order
  5. by date of last visit, most recent first

Sort 5 does not show date and time in front of entries : useless. Sort 3 does not allow to toggle 2nd level sort between page title and time of visit. If you use the Search field in Sorts 1 or 3, you lose the main sort level !. The search field has no "clear search field" button and no key binding on the escape key to do that.. No favicons. The Sort button is ugly and does not match the rest of Firefox UI. The "Search:" label takes too much width in the sidebar. Is it me or History changed for the last time (from a UI's perspective) many years ago ?