Oh, the IE blog is still alive :

The menu bar is now visible by default.

What a surprise. A year and a half, I wrote about IE7's user interface and in particular its menubar. I remember someone at Microsoft France told me UI engineers spent (I quote) "a LOT of time on these new UI schemes and it's based on the preferences of the users". The users... What a joke. Usually at Microsoft, "the users" means "our Microsoft users here internally at Microsoft".

Well. Speaking of preference, it seems the real users expressed one about the menubar. Here's what I wrote about it :

(...) like a human language and an Academy trying to rule it (hear French and the French Academy), this is the kind of things you cannot change just deciding you're going to change it.

The new buttons bar replacing the now disabled-by-default classic menubar is from my perspective almost unusable ; the position of a given menu entry inside a given menu is not intuitive, and hard to remember. Adding UI customization allowing to completely modify the menubar and turn the menu titles into icons seems to me a solution ten times better than the current UI paradigm.