1. we have to focus on Firefox, generating 95% of our income for 99% of the buzz
  2. we need to find a revenue stream coming out or able to come out from Thunderbird
  3. let's find a solution for Thunderbird, here are possible paths we have in mind
  4. let's do MailCo !
  5. BTW, the two engineering leads of Thunderbird, Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu, are leaving and the shortness of their goodbye messages is just amazing...

To be honest, I hate when the truth is so badly hidden behind a weak politically correct curtain that it makes me feel the people who sent the message think I am dumb enough to fall into the trap, and this is extremely disappointing. Mozilla, why don't you say more precisely and in public what you really think of Thunderbird so we can have a real discussion about its fate, from a product point of view but also from a technical point of view ?