We have, all browsers have a problem with fonts related to zooming. Basically, all zoom implementations suck because of the font system. Let me show you graphically, using CNN.com's home page :

100% 50%
Firefox firefox 100% firefox 50%
IE 7 MSIE 7 100% MSIE 7 50%
Opera Opera 100% Opera 50%

Many things to notice in these screenshots:

  1. the 3 browsers behave consistently at 100% ; don't laugh, that's a bit of an achievement
  2. Firefox and Opera change the hyphenation of the first line of title below Gore's photo because of the font size, not adapted to the millipoint to the zoom factor
  3. MSIE 7 sucks, and deeply sucks. The title is hidden below the photo and the whole thing is completely messed up

So I have one question about the font size problem shown by the reformating of the title : is that a bug or is that caused by the font handling of the system and there's nothing we can do about it ?

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