Apple has always been nice with hackers and pirates. I remember the Apple ][ days, and the conference Jean-Louis Gassée held in Paris with "pirates". But at the same time, the Apple ][ offered all we needed to crack all software. It was fun to crack in 3 hours a floppy protection that took a month to fully design. It was fun to design my own wildcard and press on the button at the right moment to dump the memory to floppies. The Apple ][ was made for that too.

The I-crack-my-iPhone-you-brick-it saga is only a new episode. I cannot seriously believe a single second that Apple thought the iPhone was unbreakable. It's part of the buzz. It's part of the attraction process. It's a cheap advertisement campaign orchestrated and paid by the media themselves. Well done.

And today, a 13 years old guy needed only 9 hours to jailbreak the iPod Touch. We're back to the happy Apple ][ days. That teenager must be immensely happy. Thank you Apple. And I am very serious.