I keep receiving a lot of emails/questions about Nvu and its descendants. So here are a few answers :

  • yes, I know that Nvu was impossible to download from nvu.com. I pinged Linspire and they updated the page.
     Everything should be ok now.
  • no, I have no more relationship with Linspire about Nvu.
  • yes, the name Nvu and its logo are protected.
  • no, I'm not helping on Kompozer and yes, I dropped Nvu entirely.
  • no, Composer is not dead at all, it's only evolving slowly because I'm working on it on my spare time.
  • no, I don't think Kompozer is going to live a long time. Kompozer is only a chrome bug-fix of Nvu and it's still based on the Mozilla 1.7 codebase. It's obsolete. Compared to Composer, Nvu and Kompozer will look like dinosaurs
  • yes, Composer will be MPL.
  • yes, Composer's code is only minimally based on Nvu's.
  • no, Composer is only a code name. The final name is not chosen yet.

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