It's the mill of the night here and I'm watching on Arte tv channel a documentary by Jenny Abel about her father Alan Abel. It's very hard to resist and not laugh out loud... Alan Abel is just a genius of non-sens humour with a political and societal background, and is also a hoax master. Absolutely HILARIOUS. For french readers, the guy has the sort of non-sense humour Pierre Dac had. He even has a web site, and again laughing without making noise and waking up the children is difficult :

Is There Sex After Death?
By Jeanne and Alan Abel (1976)

What is the calorie content of a male ejaculation? Is it dangerous to have a wet dream under an electric blanket? Can a person suffocate from fellatio? What should a person think about to delay orgasm? Will the sex organs wear out from too frequent use?

BWAHAHAHA !!! Make sure to read the whole web site, including the Hoax Timeline and the Memorabilia, it's hilarious. To french and german readers, if Arte broadcasts this documentary again during daytime, do not miss it !!! I am laughing, laughing and laughing ! What a real pleasure to discover Alan Abel and this documentary, and to laugh that much after a difficult evening.

Update: Arte will show again the documentary on the 2nd of november, 10:50am local time. Record it if you can't see it.