I have great and deep respect for Håkon Lie. I have been working with Håkon for so long that we're like an old couple having loads of good and bad stories to tell about couple's life. It even includes cooking a norwegian salmon à la glazman. The last episode is weird very weird, yes you got it, it's about the complaint filed over Microsoft by Opera.

This is in my opinion a bad move made again by Opera for many reasons :

  1. a standard is not an International Treaty of any sort. A standard is NOT, I repeat is NOT, a mandatory technical specification you MUST follow or face fines or retaliation UNLESS the standard is adopted and enforced by governmental authorities. Like it or not. It's sad, and standards are here to be implemented and respected, but that's life. Let the market understand and drop the product.
  2. Opera does not sue Apple and its Safari browser bundled with Mac OS X or the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Those two mobile devices are even locked and you CANNOT officially change your browser.
  3. Opera should sue its commercial partner SFR here in France : when you buy a data plan from SFR here in France, you're forced to use Opera Mini. Where's the choice ? Come on Opera, have guts, sue SFR !
  4. the statement "Microsoft deprives consumers of a real choice in Internet browsers" made by Thomas Vinje is technically blatantly false. Nothing, really nothing, prevents Microsoft users from downloading and using another web browser. Whatever is the system, from Windows 3.1 to Vista, CE to Mobile 6 Pro, you always can download and use another browser.
  5. HTML 5 and the future of the Web are in my opinion in a so-so shape. We need more cooperation at this very moment, not more tension.

After the almost ridiculous bork-bork-bork episode that went unnoticed outside of geek circles and the let's-cross-the-atlantic episode, I seriously think Opera should focus on what it does best, technology, and leave stupidities to stupid people. As a conclusion, let me reuse what Eric Raymond said about SCO : " Last I checked, companies demonstrated relevance by showing products, not press clippings. ".