When I read such an article, I am deeply ashamed. I am ashamed because I have in front of me smart people who seem to have turned their neurones off for the best of trolling. Who seem to forget a big company like Microsoft is not a monolith. Microsoft, like any other big company that is not managed by a dictator, faces internal tensions, divisions working sometimes against other divisions, and in our case today divisions who worked on the same topic without discussing together. That happens just everywhere. That happens at Microsoft too.

I am not saying Microsoft did not play a few antigames in the past. I am not saying Microsoft is not currently playing some antigame somewhere on the planet. But in the particular case of the CSS WG, I would like to make a few statements and I hope everyone will agree with them :

  1. the various Microsoft representatives in the CSS WG are respectable and respected ; they do their best to represent their company's interests in an important IPR-plagued discussion ; even if you disagree with the choices their company expresses, they act in a respectable way.
  2. the various Microsoft representatives agreed to take back to their parent company the current issue that made David Baron and Ian Hickson react. The issue is important, and the solution can't be instantaneous, IMHO...
  3. it's not the first time in History we see two different divisions of Microsoft doing two things differently on a new discussed standard without telling each other. I saw it myself happen in the past between the IE and the Office divisions.
  4. Microsoft is not the only company who can be suspected of some antigame at some point. I won't give names or details because the proceedings of the CSS WG are confidential, but I've seen myself in the past other companies refuse new features desired by web designers with highly questionable objections... Antigame was really clear. Let me be even clearer : ANTIGAME IS PART OF THE GAME BECAUSE IT'S NOT A GAME, IT'S A BATTLE. Everyone plays antigame at some point, while the others scream. If you believe the contrary, you should really document yourself a bit about the History of the human kind, diplomacy, international treaties and your human neighbors in general. Here, I have the gut feeling people scream for NOTHING. Again, what we have in front of us is just - very unfortunately but that's only corporate life - corporate mess.
  5. the Opera complaint is out of scope here. We're trying to make a given spec progress. We're solving technological issues here. Readers of this blog know I am rarely, very rarely unpolite and vulgar in my writing, but we're not lawyers, we've never been lawyers, we will never be lawyers and I DON'T WANT TO HEAR AGAIN ABOUT THE FUCKING OPERA COMPLAINT WE SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT IN THE CSS WG GOD DAMMIT !!! We're geeks, let us do our geek work and period.
  6. I am sure - because I discussed that with our Microsoft co-workers in the CSS WG - the issue will be clarified. As I said above, just be A LITTLE BIT patient, nothing is instantaneous when IPR is in the loop.
  7. I unfortunately have to say it : I cannot be suspected of pro-Microsoftism. I am not a fanatic, period. Not a fanatic pro, not a fanatic against. I am just a technologist trying to be fair. When a company does something well, I say it ; when they suck, I say it too. Some old-minded people call me a moron, the others think I am reliable.