Firefox 3b2 address bar

Testing Firefox 3 beta 2, I would like to make a few comments on the new address bar. Here's a screenshot of the bar with its autocomplete popup for a very single "mozilla" or "goog" entry.

awsomebar 1 awsomebar 2

  1. it's weird to have a 404 error as the second entry in a list of a few dozens. Error pages should probably listed at the bottom of the list.
  2. I have two bookmarks in the results and I think the second one should show up at the top of the list because the probability it's the one I want is high.
  3. I am personnally used to deal with URLs more than with page titles. I am therefore annoyed by the current presentation where the title is more visible than the URL and is presented above it with the favicon.
  4. I cannot sort the results alphabetically or per URL or per protocol (preference to https over http for instance)
  5. I cannot know how many results I have
  6. I can't remove an entry individually (very useful for privacy, could be a "Clear Private Data" on a single URL)
  7. the green color given to the URL can be an accessibility issue.
  8. the underlining of the keyword gives too much visual focus on the keyword. All entries ARE related to the keyword and your URL choice will almost certainly be based on extra data, not the keyword itself.

Please don't take it bad, but I find this new addressbar very powerful but not well organized for my eyes. For my left eye, to be more precise. I never mentioned it in the past in public, but I have a 5% loss of yellow perception and 10% loss of red perception on that eye. The new addressbar is a bit painful to me because of the spatial organization and  the colors. The fact each entry is on two lines forces me to focus more and switch from black to green font and back too many times.

I'd love to be able to :

  1. have above the richlist means to sort the list per title, per URL, per bookmarking, per age, whatever.
  2. customize the whole list. A right click on the list would allow to customize the layout of the list, just like a right-click allows to customize a toolbar. A new window would open, allowing me to 
    1. define how many columns the richlist has
    2. define how many rows each richlistitem has
    3. specify what I want to see in my richlistitems and in what order, just drag'n'dropping predefined elements onto a preview of a richlistitem : favicon, title, URL, age (for instance less than 30 minutes, less than one hour, less than a day), bookmarking, protocol, language.
  3. context-click on an entry would also allow to remove immediately the entry from browsing history.
  4. change the font and color settings of the autocompletion results.

An extension would be just fine, but it probably implies a rewriting of the XBL binding attached to richlistitems for this special richlist. Not a big issue since we have chrome override anyway.