When Doug Turner says "Skyfire is by far the best distributed browser to date", he's absolutely right. When Skyfire's web site says :

  • mobile browsing exactly like PC browsing,
  • the real web,
  • get anywhere, get anything,
  • blazing fast,
  • easy to use,
  • on your own phone

I can testify all the above is true. Video, flash, sound, everything is here when other browsers often have strong limitations on multimedia content. The PC layout of the page is also here. The speed is just amazing, this browser will DRASTICALLY change your online mobile experience, please trust me on that. A speed factor between 4 and 15 between skyfire and other browsers is common... You have to try it to believe it.

Oh, and yes, this is based on Firefox :-) And we're very happy and proud Disruptive Innovations plays a small role in this great product. As Doug said, sincere congrats to Nitin, Erik, Nirmal, Alex (WeirdAl), Sasha, Bhanu and the the whole team !