I have received a lot, really a lot, of email feedback about Zoom It!. I was very far away from thinking it would trigger so much feedback. Following users' requests, I will change/add a few things in next version:

  1. when the zoomed element is a list item, take the width and x position of the list element instead of the list item but preserve the y position of the list item so the bullet is also seen
  2. add a preference for a maximum zoom level whatever is the width of the element the user wants to view
  3. add a preference allowing to zoom on the enclosing TD or TH if the element is contained in such a table cell
  4. the computation of the zoom factor is for the time being also based on the element's height and this gives bad results if the element has a height much greater than its width

I also think spatial navigation would help a lot here. Stay tuned.