I have considerably improved Zoom It! yesterday night:

  1. when the zoomed element is a list item, take the width and x position of the list element instead of the list item but preserve the y position of the list item so the bullet is also seen
  2. the computation of the zoom factor is for the time being also based on the element's height and this gives bad results if the element has a height much greater than its width
  3. add a preferences panel
    1. maximum zoom level whatever is the width of the element the user wants to view
    2. zoom on the enclosing TD or TH if the element is contained in such a table cell
    3. the default zoom behaviour of Firefox 3 gives the same zoom factor to all web pages belonging to the same TLD. I find it myself extremely annoying even if I understand some people like it. So I added a preference to override that default.
    4. direct access to the default zoom values (default is ".5,.75,1,1.25,1.5,2,3")
  4. statusbar panel for direct manipulation of the zoom level
    1. editable menulist, entries in the menulist are based on preference toolkit.zoomManager.fullZoomValues
    2. spinbuttons for one-click increase or decrease of the zoom level
  5. I have overriden the default ZoomManager in this version to fire a specific event when the zoom level is changed using the View > Zoom menu entries. This is a hack until bug 416226 is fixed. With that hack in, changes of the zoom level using these menu entries also change the value of the statusbar's zoom menulist.
  6. the menulist's value is also updated when the user selects another tab or loads a new document

statusbarpanel popup prefs

You can download a preview version from here (Firefox >= 3.0a1 required) and add comments to the current article. I'll make it available on AMO if there's no big bug.